Virtual Sports Games

Kiron’s Virtual Sports games offer exciting betting content alongside sports betting markets, ensuring a continuous stream of betting content during operating hours. Our virtual sports content is delivered in the form of both betting data (bet markets, odds and results) and an event video feed (sport event visuals).

Our virtual sports games are delivered in Full HD graphics using the latest CGI technology and a proprietary physics engine that delivers fast paced virtual sports events, capturing the vitality of their real sport counterparts down to their finest detail, ensuring entertaining and visually appealing content is brought to your customers. Our virtual sports games deliver the highest quality betting content which can be customized according to a client’s operating needs and can be localised to market requirements.

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of virtual sports in the industry including 17 virtual sports games. Some sports are offered in association with content partners; badminton, table tennis, motor racing, cycling and archery from Fluid Games and Slot Cars by AMUsys.

Flexible odds are based on predetermined margins set by the operator. A generic Windows based event management application is offered, as well as a customisable version that allows operators the flexibility in setting up and managing virtual events, margins and other event criteria.

Our Virtual sport games can be supplied via Satellite television broadcast, online and mobile streaming or can be locally rendered within any gaming venue. Our games can be seamlessly integrated into a 3rd party betting solution or can be fully integrated via Kiron’s proprietary bet management solution; BetMan Retail and BetMan Online.

Our Virtual Sports draw additional customers to your websites and retail venues as it offers unique characteristics that appeal to sports book, lottery and casino type players. Our games allow you to enhance your product offering which will engage your customers and create additional incremental revenues that outperform our competitors.


More in development

*Some of our games are built in partnership with 3rd Party providers

  • Table Tennis, Badminton, Maxcar, archery, cycling – Fluid Games
  • Slot Cars – AMUsys