TurfMaster is an innovative virtual horse racing game, offering players the opportunity to own, train and race virtual horses in the virtual horse racing world. Positioned between the rapidly growing social gaming and skill gaming industries, TurfMaster bridges the gap between generations. Horse racing typically associated with the older generations is now brought online to the social gaming community.

TurfMaster is responsive, making it available at times on both mobile and desktop devices. Constant gameplay is therefore maintained in a vibrant online horse racing community, with strong networking and social attributes.

White Label

TurfMaster offers the business opportunity is in the form of a seamlessly integrated white label, which is essentially a branded website with a revenue sharing partnership.

Fully licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), TurfMaster offers the opportunity for clients to create their own branded white label. Your custom white label will create revenue streams and generate traffic for your business. Betting can also be made available on your website, improving the competitive nature of the game and enticing players to immerse themselves in the world of virtual horse racing.

Game Revenue Channels

TurfMaster is a strong member acquisition and retention tool, where the unique entertainment promotes loyalty and retains interest. Turfmaster is therefore an attractive revenue generator, creating multiple revenue streams from a single product.

Purchase of Virtual Goods and Services

Virtual Items can be bought within the system such as:

  • Horses
  • Custom jockey silks
  • Performance enhancers
  • Horse Blinkers
Monthly Horse Subscriptions

This is done in the form of Stabling fees for the virtual horses.

Administration fees for hosting horses

Administration fees for hosting horses is charged at 15% of the race entry fee.

Championship Entry Fees

To be eligible for championship races, the players will need to pay a once off fee. This will enable the player’s horse to race in qualifying races and Finals for its entire career.

Auctions and Claiming Races

Administration fees for facilitating auctions and transfer of claimed horses (15% on price of horse sold).

Wagering Revenues

Subject to relevant legislation, the client will receive a percentage revenue from wagering.

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