Entertain your customers with RaceDay, an exciting new suite of virtual sports products designed to reward customer loyalty and attendance at casinos and other hospitality venues. The products are designed to incentivise customers to return to your venues and keep them in your venues for longer. Whether you have one or multiple venues, RaceDay offers a simple and cost effective solution to entertain your customers and grow revenues.

RaceDay increases spend by generating traffic, attracting big spenders and by boosting more play. By integrating RaceDay into your system you can improve customer experience, reward customers and keep customers enticed with exciting virtual sports gaming opportunities.

Raceday Sweepstakes

RaceDay Sweepstakes is a marketing and loyalty tool designed for deployment in casinos and gaming venues. The product rewards player loyalty by offering them an entry into a draw to win a predetermined prize. The draw is presented by way of an animated virtual race.

Allocation of entries, the frequency of races and structure of the payouts are at the option of the operator depending on your marketing requirements. A Sweepstakes race event occurs at a defined time in a venue. Physical participation by players at the time of the draw is a requirement thereby incentivizing attendance and spend.

Sweepstakes can be cost effectively integrated seamlessly into your casino management system or any other ticketing system available in your casino.


Raceday Tournaments

RaceDay Tournaments is an exciting marketing product designed for use by casinos, and other venues to reward patron loyalty, attract attendance and increase revenue by incentivising player spend.

Kirons product delivers ultimate entertainment and drives player loyalty by rewarding them with attractive prizes on the outcome of a series of vibrant virtual racing events. Players are allocated a virtual horse that is entered into a horse racing tournament. Horses are eliminated in each round of races with a fixed number of horses progressing to the next round. The winning horses in the final race stand to win predetermined prizes allocated by the operator.

RaceDay Tournaments is simple, cost effective product to install and can be licensed at a fixed monthly fee.

Raceday Pools

Kirons RaceDay Pools product requires players to qualify in order to select a horse, to win or place in a scheduled virtual race. Players typically earn loyalty points through participation in games on the casino floor, either slots or tables.  Points can be redeemed for tickets in race events paying a share of a pre-determined pool or a progressive jackpot. The more a player spends, the larger number of entries they can get into the RaceDay draws to win prizes.