Platinum HoundsĀ Online

Platinum Hounds Internet is a virtual greyhound racing betting game allowing players to place a variety of bets at fixed odds on the outcome of instant virtual races. The random races are uniquely generated on-demand for instant game play and player gratification.

The game offers real form information for added realism. Odds are offered across multiple bet types and are automatically generated based on definable margins.

Platinum Hounds Internet can be seamlessly integrated onto your website, alongside your other products, offering one account management. Platinum Hounds Internet is available on a licensed basis.

Platinum Hounds Kiosk

Platinum Hounds Kiosk is an on-demand virtual greyhound racing betting game specifically designed for touch screen gaming kiosks and server based gaming machines.

The game offers an attractive touch screen user interface and fast paced race video. A Turbo mode and repeat bet function are available to instantly display results and offer even faster paced racing entertainment and enhanced revenues.

Platinum Hounds Kiosk can be integrated onto gaming machines operating on a Windows platform and is available on a licensed basis.