Virtual Sports Africa Insight

Virtual Sports have become extremely popular in recent times in Africa especially in East and West of the continent due to the growing fascination with games such as FIFA, Football Manager and other fantasy sports video games. Along with the growth of such games comes the introduction of virtual betting.

Now, not only can you create your very own fantasy teams, but you can also place wagers on computer-generated matches and leagues including sports such as football, baseball, hockey and horse racing.

Continue reading to discover all you need to know about virtual sports betting and its advantages.

What is it?

Bookmakers in Africa are constantly looking for innovative ways to offer their clients additional betting opportunities. The rise of Virtual Sports betting in Africa has therefore become an important part of every bookmaker’s sports betting offer.

Virtual gaming products provide customers with a new user experience and entertainment; however, the new phenomenon has received mixed reviews by punters online.

The process involves gambling on virtual games that are set up by whichever bookmaker or site you choose. The outcomes from each match or event are generated by a computer algorithm which picks the winner in a non-bias way.

Furthermore, games can be played at any hour of the day and every day for users wishing to wager.

Customers gamble on the eventual outcome of their chose event/team by taking into account the odds offered, the fake histories and player profiles that are provided by the site.

 Features of virtual sports betting

Today, as many more bookmakers in Africa begin to offer virtual sports betting options the graphics and features offered are becoming extremely advanced and innovative. The virtual matches that customers can bet on and watch are modelled on real life stadiums and pitches.

The graphics can make you feel like you are actually in the stadium or standing next to the race track. Normally, there is even commentary to go with the events and a highlight reel featuring attempts on goal was shown after each goal. Some of the big-name bookmakers even have fans singing the clubs anthem.

What are the advantages?

Virtual betting is sometimes seen as an amusement to serious sports bettors in Africa who tend to adopt a rather sneering attitude towards the whole fantasy world.

However, bookmakers would not be offering the wagers if there wasn’t profit to be made on both sides. Thus, betting virtual sports should not be something to be dismissed.

Below are some of the advantages of virtual sports betting:
  • At the click of a mouse customers can wager on various different sports with races and events every 90 seconds on most sites and lasting for 3 minutes. This mean more chances of winning and more fun.
  • It’s easy to play and anyone can win or take part without the faintest idea of sports betting.
  • For beginners’ sports wagers, it is recommended to practise sports betting strategic tips using virtual sports.
  • Virtual football betting is a good place to start because football is already such a popular bet that the learning curve is reduced.
  • Matches and events are streamed with a high-quality video and you can bet twenty-four hours a day which giving punters an endless source of gambling opportunities.
  • Virtual Sports betting is different from normal betting in regards to length of an event and frequency there is some similarities.
  • For example, in virtual sports if a player is injured in the real world, he will be injured in the virtual world too.
  • Furthermore, with virtual betting you often have to put aside the knowledge about teams that you have built up in your study of the real sport and just concentrate on the player profiles given by the bookies which adds to the reward factor from virtual sports.
What are the disadvantages?

There are also some disadvantages associated with virtual sports betting listed below:

  • One of the main disadvantages is that there is temptation to place more bets and spend more money as events are so frequently in the virtual environment.
  • This could also lead to developing a gambling addiction.
  • It is purely virtual which means there are less factors to analyse, which takes from the thrill associated with sports betting.
  • Players only consult the odds offered on the site in which they are playing unlike real sports betting where they would search sites for the best available odds.
  • Furthermore, betting on virtual sports only imitates the real concept of the sports betting.
  • It does not match the thrill of your real sports team winning or betting on real sports.

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