Barring developments in the look and feel of slot games, many casinos offer the same products today as they did 20 years ago. Roulette tables remain identical, blackjack cards are still dealt the same way, and craps dice are still thrown down the table. But casino customers have moved on. What they’re looking for on a night out has moved on too, and is a far cry from the days when this pastime was purely a preserve of the rich and famous.

The popularity of sport continues to grow and with it sports betting, which is now part and parcel of everyday life in many jurisdictions. But until recently, when some operators began incorporating sports bars into their casinos, this need went unanswered and sports bettors went unaccommodated. This is now changing. Yet, as well as real life and real time events, this interest also extends to virtual sports – and specifically delivered by means of multi-station gaming terminals within casinos.