Kiron Interactive have the largest, most varied virtual games portfolio on the market and are celebrating ICE 2017 by becoming the first provider in the industry to introduce aptly-themed winter sports to the virtual gaming world.

With a wide range of markets and jurisdictions continuously looking for new ideas, Kiron have moved quickly to bring two winter sports to its players, with both Hockey Shots and Speed Skating sure to appeal.

Hockey Shots uses high-quality graphics and sounds to immerse players into the sudden death scenario of ice hockey shootouts, with a tense sudden-death level designed to raise pulses and give players a thrill.

Games every few minutes, with multi-concurrent events of six games scheduled into each time slot, means ice hockey lovers will never have to wait too long to play their favourite game.

Another exciting edition to Kiron’s 17 -game portfolio is Speed Skating, which offers a realistic 3D representation of speed skating and will appeal not only to players who love the excitement of the winter Olympics, but also to those familiar with the thrill of virtual horse racing.

Like all of Kiron’s products, Speed Skating features stunning audio visual features, with players able to choose different competitors from up to six different countries in the exhilarating, fast paced game.

Both Hockey Shots and Speed Skating will also be available on the suppliers Betman Online RGS, which provides a fixed odds betting platform to allow players to bet on virtual sports on both desktop and mobile devices.