Kiron strikes again with the launch of iGOAL, our all-new instant-win virtual football game. With matches available on-demand, bet on single or multiple games and see your winnings instantly. Created with the best 3D animation and market leading betting algorithms, iGOAL redefines the experience of instant virtual sports. With a captivating interface, developed for playing online, combined with a variety of betting markets, quick betting options, live commentary and more, you want to get in on the action with iGOAL. Instant Goal, Instant Win.


Get In On The Action:

  • High frequency on demand events
  • Instant pay-outs
  • Set stake per bet and double your winnings with a multiple stake
  • Bet on a single match or across multiple matches (Up to 10 matches can be added)
  • Variety of bet markets available as well as quick betting, & repeat betting options
  • Flexible and convenient system set up
  • Available across all browsers


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