Public interest in women’s sport is on the rise, with increased media coverage reflecting this. But is this upward trend mirrored in the betting world? Author, Valentina Francione, Kiron Online Business Manager spoke to a number of the industry’s leading providers to understand whether betting adoption amongst women and across women’s sport is increasing in line with their popularity.

As the popularity of women’s sports increases, are you seeing a similar increase in betting volumes on those sports?

As the industry continues to grow, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of betting on women’s sports, with data to support this. Sports betting has never been more accessible, with various factors contributing to this including the ever-increasing involvement of women in sports, the digital era and the associated boom in technology, and the regulation of markets.

As a result of this exposure and opportunity, sports betting has also become a socially acceptable pastime, not just targeting women but in general, with online betting making it easier for players to engage.

The data backs this up, you need only look at the volume of women signing up for sportsbook apps, this growth rate in the market is great to see. Naturally, this will bring attention to women’s sports, something we are extremally supportive and excited about.


Is this trend limited to one or two sports, or seen across the board?

I believe the spotlight is on woman’s sports in general however, the more popular sports such as football, cricket, and tennis will obviously garner more attention which in time will lead to more interest in women’s sports across the board.

Popularity naturally comes down to the sports that are given the most airtime with the three previously mentioned falling into that category. More and more media deals are being signed for women’s sports, and as this gather’s momentum, the volume of betting will follow.


What moves could the industry make to better cater to this market?

We need to work towards equality across genders, with all sides being catered to. Encouraging women to enjoy and participate in sports is something that needs to be prioritized and celebrated. There also needs to be more airtime for women’s sports, so that it will hopefully reach a point soon where you turn on your TV and you’re presented with an even number of both women’s and men’s sports available to viewers.

Working towards this will not only benefit the industry as a whole but also allow for more frequently available matches and equal opportunity.